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50 essential photography tips

Whether photography is a hobby or a profession, you'll get a whole lot more out of it if you understand how it works. With a firm grasp of aperture, shutter speed, sensitivity and focal length

Reporters' Roundtable: Journalism in the age of Wikileaks

Six journalists debate the effects of Wikileaks and anonymous document publishing on the nature of professional reporting.

Music Reviews, Articles, Lyrics, Release Calendar and more

The remastered of the 1968 album includes a disc of early demos and outtakes, the soundboard recording of the September 14, 1968 Hollywood Bowl concert and a dvd of the 90-minute documentary on the making of Electric Ladyland.

NASA satellite discovers brilliant "mighty mouse" pulsar

A NASA space telescope studying X-ray emissions from a nearby galaxy has discovered the brightest pulsar ever detected, the fast-spinning remnant of a collapsed star that shines so intensely it

Ep. 1321: Turtles, fire up your Evo

Ep. 1321: Turtles, fire up your Evo An app called Tango promises to bring cross-platform video calling to Android and iOS devices, but apparently you can only talk to turtles and hipsters.

Buzz Phrases That Deaden The Mind

There's an epidemic of diagnoses. The condition being scrutinized is the toxic, uncivil, mistrustful polarization of American politics -- or, more precisely, political arguments.

Nerx's profile

Kyd Kruger By Nerx June 13, 2013 0 Comments Come out to play A more playful tone. Kyd is a genius inventor specializing in robotics, micro-electronics and high-energy physics.

Team USA Olympic speed skaters will race in "world's

Team USAs long-track speed skaters will be sporting some of the most high-tech apparel the sport has ever seen as they take the ice at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.


They have a chance to talk with each other, that might be the only chance they can get ever, and in the first verse, it is emphasized. Also, he mentions about his love about her, thinks that he is the only person who can love her that much.

Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1584: BOL special coverage: iPad

Brian Tong and Molly Wood give you blow-by-blow analysis on the new iPad announcement, including rewriting the lyrics to John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland," specifically to accommodate the

A "Seinfeld" Summer?

It wasn't, then, about nothing. It was about everything a war, tragic national and international stories, occasional gaffes, policy debates and some inside the beltway positioning.

Ben Kuchera slams videogame journalism? Click here to find

This is kind of a self-indulgent thread, so heads up right from the start: I know this is a hot-headed reaction. I just wandered over to Penny Arcade

Major Garrett

Major Garrett CBS News Garrett graduated in 1984 from the University of Missouri with degrees in journalism and political science. A native of San Diego, California, he lives in Washington, D

10 advanced formatting tricks for Excel users

Most Excel users know how to apply basic numeric and text formats. But users who push beyond the basics will create more readable and effective sheets.

Video game "journalism"

I'm not even going to bother linking the site because I'd have to click on the link and give them a view to do so. Here's a blurb:"Now, the thing I havent mentioned in all of this is that, yes

The 100 Fallen Review: One of Us One of Us

The 100 S03E10: "Fallen" A common refrain among viewers this season has been that Clarke has a diminished role in terms of what's driving the bulk of The 100's story, and it's absolutely a fair

Ep. 1444: A line to the sky

Based on the -- -- definitions of the licensing agreements that they've had in place with Viacom or is Viacom in the rate to tell them that you cannot do this and that's why -- the station's from

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