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Widescreen, letterbox and black bars: How to wrangle TV

"Aspect ratio" is the ratio of the width of a rectangle to its height. A perfect square has an aspect ratio of 1x1, or 1:1. A rectangle that's twice as wide as it is tall would have an aspect

Home Entertainment How To

Find out how to do more with your home entertainment devices. CNET editors and users share the top 'how to' tips and tricks with advice for getting the most out of your gadgets.

2016 Smart ForTwo upgrades tech and specs, stays small

2016 Smart ForTwo. The four trim levels Pure, Prime, Passion and Proxy each feature unique styling and features. The wheels are the easiest way to tell them apart at a glance.

Optoma EzPro 737 review: Optoma EzPro 737

An M1-DA connector covers DVI, VGA, and composite video; an M1-A to VGA/USB cable is included, but the others are $40 to $45 extra. Cables are also included for the S-Video, VGA-out, audio, and RS

Samsung HT-TQ85 review: Samsung HT-TQ85

The front panel's USB port supports MPEG video playback, MP3, WMA, and JPEG. iPod users can plug into one of the rear panel's stereo audio inputs with a stereo-miniplug-to-RCA adapter cable not

Use Excel to create advanced graphs and PivotCharts

The sample. For many of the examples in this article, I will be using the data from the table shown in Figure A.

Sony STR-DN1050 review: Sony's latest AV receiver is a

The receiver does feature three HDMI outs A, B, and Zone in addition to two component ins and two composite ins. Audio inputs include four analog-in, two optical, and a single coaxial digital.

Find your Windows Experience Index scores in Windows 8.1

Computers Find your Windows Experience Index scores in Windows 8.1. The Windows Experience Index benchmark tool is harder to find in Windows 8.1, but is still available if you know where to look.

How to add, remove and modify fonts in Windows 10

Finally, if you want to make systemwide changes to your font settings, you can do so here by looking to the toolbar on the left side of the Font control panel. For example, to increase or decrease

Yamaha RX-V479 review: Impressive sound, multiple must

The panel also includes Yamaha Yamaha receivers have been guilty in the past of scientific calculator-like remotes brimming with buttons that were hard to use. This year's clickers scale down

NEC PlasmaSync 42XP10 Professional Series

CES 2019: Pepper's Alexa-equipped scale can help you track your sugar intake. Measure out the ingredients of a meal, and this scale can calculate the amount of sugar, calories, lipids,

Snap: A truly slick feature in Windows 10

When it was introduced in Windows 7, Snap showed potential as a windows management technique. When Windows 8 came out, Snap sort of fell by the wayside, but it eventually resurfaced in 8.1 when

Solar Panels Mean An Extra Winter Chore

The output was a measly 140 watts - about one tenth of what they would be producing on a sunny winter morning. All those perfectly good photons blocked by 5 inches of fluffy powder

2019 Chevy Silverado first drive review: Brute suit riot

The Silverado wears aluminum swing panels -- its doors, hood and tailgate are skinned in Al13. The entire truck's makeup is an impressively optimized mosaic of varying grades of high-strength

LG 32LG3000 32" LCD TV Overview

The best TV deals for watching the big game. You don't need to spend a lot to watch the playoffs on a really huge screen. These deals are available now, and there are more to come

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