soil arching retaining wall

Arching in Distribution of Active Load on Retaining Walls

was used to simulate soil-retaining structure interaction, and force chains characteristic of arching were identified. Arching appears to be the primary cause affecting the load distribution.

USA - Retaining wall system using soil arching

The retaining wall system of claim 10 wherein said tieback means are substantially vertically aligned with one another in said substantially vertically aligned tiers to concentrate said soil arching in said first block of said soil and reduce bearing pressures on said tieback means.


effect of soil arching on lateral soil pressures acting upon rigid retaining walls . a thesis submitted to . the graduate school of natural and applied sciences . of . middle east technical university . by . nİhan aydin ertuĞrul. in partial fulfillment of the requirements . for .

Arch in Soil Arching - ResearchGate

The soil arching behind a rigid retaining wall was considered using log-spiral and parabolic slip surfaces with a changeable curvature defined by a new parameter Rpl so called “planar ratio of

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The Arch in Soil Arching Journal of Geotechnical

Soil arching action or “bin effect” is usually quantified by use of a horizontal differential element whose support derives in part from Rankine theory. In the 1940's, Krynine mathematically proved this incorrect. Determination of Active Earth Pressure on Rigid Retaining Wall Considering Arching Effect in Cohesive Backfill Soil.

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