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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Translation Guide for

Paper Mario RPG Translation of Game Text and Walkthrough This is first and foremost a translation of the Japanese version of the game.

Alundra FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by PhamtonPain

In this new screen, drop down to where the big stone arcs are, walk south under them until you get to a wooden fence and then drop down through a small gap in the left side of the fence. You'll land in a small cliff with a chest, this chest has a Life Vessel inside. Get it and drop all the way down. You might be surprised to find yourself behind the water mill. From the water mill head south

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Zelda Series

The plastic it was wrapped in said 'SECOND SALE' on it, so I think its previous owner must himself have bought it at Book-Off or something. Oh, incidentally, lets say a few words about the game itself. Fly around, pop balloons, send your opponent hurtling towards the ground to their death, strike globophobia into the hearts of your enemies. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Japanese

Deus Ex Game Script for Macintosh by FAQ GOD

If you don't want to set off the alarm, you can either hack the control panel in the doorway or find a way around My blueprint of the Statue shows a few airshafts. The NSF put a commercial-grade security bot in this area. You can either avoid its patrol route or, if you're feeling lucky, try to take it out with EMP grenades or explosives. I wouldn't recommend taking it on with small arms


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Wild Arms Alter Code: F Game Script for PlayStation 2 by

Around the grove, you'll find the kingdom of Adlehyde. As a wanderer, you may find that a big city has more to offer you than a small, lonely village on the frontier. Rudy nods again. He turns, looks up to the sky, closes his eyes, opens them again, and looks forward. He marches on, hanging his head a little. Tony: Hey, Mister Rudy turns and sees Tony followed by his white dog. Tony: You

Wild Arms 3 Game Script for PlayStation 2 by Shotgunnova

I really want to take my ship out for a sale, but my wallet's clean empty. <Train>: Midland Station is to the northwest. Ever since monsters started showing up, they can't repair the trains quickly enough, so right now they just go west. But long ago, that place was the central junction for railways all over Filgaia. Herman: Seas of sand and barren wilderness I never thought it strange to

LEGO Harry Potter Collection FAQ/Walkthrough for

First, Leviosa the wood pile, then switch to Lupin and have him turn into a wolf. Have him dig up the dirt pile and take the orange handle over to the shed. Pull it open. There's a Quibbler Stand inside, so take the Specs and go to the right to find pieces for a firehose. Once you assemble it, fill it with water, then ride it and spray on the fire to the right. Head to the right once it's

Deus Ex FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Djibriel

Shoot them for: 20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS Destroy wooden fence 20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS Destroy wooden fence It rewards you twice I'm not sure why. Climb down further. At the ground, turn West, where you'll find a DataCube, a manhole cover but most importantly, a LAM stuck to the wall. Disarm and pocket it. Further North is another one armed, take it. Now, we're going to make a clockwise

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition FAQ/Walkthrough for

A good tip for cheap health regeneration is to keep a shield such as Wee Wee's Super Booster in your inventory at all times. When you are low on health, switch to the shield to regenerate your health over time, then switch back to your shield of choice when you health is completely filled disclaimer: the process usually takes a minute or so, so only attempt this when there are little to no

Ep. 1357: Welcome to the Tensies

On today's show, we're totally hoping the music industry will finally catch up to reality, or at least the year 2010. Or the "tensies," as we're now calling them. Forever. Spotify is under

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door FAQ/Walkthrough for

Spin jump through the wooden panel its near the center-left side of the cage. Use Flurrie to blow them down the hole itll probably take a while . Grab the orb and jump down with them. Go up the pipe and leave the room. Go up the pipe and put the orb on the pedestal. Spin-jump through the panel and return to the room where the punies are. Now, blow them all down the hole and go down the

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