waterproof deck over living space

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A new project in Melrose, Mass.: adding room by making a basement a living space. Step No. 1: get rid of the junk. Then waterproofing can begin. Step No. 1: get rid of the junk. Then waterproofing

Marvelous multipurpose gadgets pictures

Made of waterproof fabric, the entire garment can be pumped full of air to form a kind of body pillow, which, along with the hood, will cradle you as you sleep. The skirt can be detached to serve


The $279 Soundfloat Chair includes a "triple-sealed, touch-sensitive waterproof pouch for your phone or tablet" and 20W speakers. And of course a beverage holder for your luxury beer of choice.

The making of 'IMAX: Hubble 3D' photos

Over the years, there have been four service missions, and those have allowed Hubble to look deeper and deeper into space. In 2006, the launch of STS-125, the Space Shuttle mission to do final

Deep inside the world's longest tunnel

This is a nearly finished emergency station, part of the safety features in the massive Gotthard Tunnel project, which is the world's-longest tunnel at 57 kilometers long.

Cat videos? On YouTube? GTHO

This weekend on the CNET tech review Samsung's latest 4G phone is truly Epic, a new digital pen that can read your hand writing, we've got an external hard drive that's fire and waterproof, and we

Watch out, Amazon. Zipline's new medical delivery drones

A Zipline drone drops a test package over a test site on a ranch in Northern California. Here you can see the dual propellers atop the drone. Here you can see the dual propellers atop the drone.

iPhone X review: Still the best iPhone, but its successor

After another week of living with the iPhone X as my main everyday phone, its size and design have won me over in lots of ways. But the Face ID phone unlock process still feels labor-intensive

20 over-the-top tree houses you've gotta see

The waterproof, aluminum-framed features a rope bridge to the entryway and a spiral staircase to a roof deck that looms some 30 feet above ground. There's a sauna, a hot tub and even a pizza

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