landscape bench around a tree

This 'true' home theater fulfilled a childhood dream for

Since he had storage cabinets in the theater area that housed holiday decorations, including a Christmas tree, for much of the year, the walls couldn't be permanent. He says he had to design his

NASA Curiosity rover's wildest images from 5 years on Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover added to its self-portrait collection in early 2015 with this lovely selfie that really shows off the landscape around it. You can see Mount Sharp, some cliffs and the rim

Supreme Court rejects Trump administration's asylum ban

Joshua Tree National Park to temporarily close to fix damage during shutdown The National Park Service said the closure set for 8 a.m. Thursday follows incidents of off-roading and destruction

TV Shows Premiere Dates 2019-2020 TV Guide

The simple format has Roadshow' traveling around the U.S., evaluating family heirlooms and found items. It's based on the long-running since 1978 BBC show of the same name.

60 Minutes: Oprah Winfrey goes inside the memorial to

The markers are suspended to evoke the horror of being strung up and hanged from a tree. Oprah Winfrey: So you start with them at eye level, and then on this corridor, they begin to rise.

Alone With You Review

A cross between a visual novel and classic adventure game, Alone with You offers a strong and poignant narrative of love, tragedy, and relationships.

California's monarch butterflies in peril photos

Bring Back the Monarchs. In an effort to save the butterfly population, an organization called Monarch Watch is "initiating a nationwide landscape restoration program called 'Bring Back The Monarchs.'

How Pokemon Go Recaptured Attention In 2018

In the ever-shifting landscape of the video game industry, few franchises have managed to remain as consistently popular over the years as Pokemon.

Huawei P10 camera test photos

There's a brilliant exposure balance between the bright landscape and the shadowy tree on the left. Published: Huawei P10 camera test photos. Up Next . The Galaxy S10 is just around the corner

Tree company hit with $95 million fine for illegal hiring

Asplundh Tree Expert Co. of Willow Grove, a utility contractor best known for pruning and removing trees around power lines, pleaded guilty Thursday to a federal criminal charge and was ordered to

Driving the ultimate real-life Forza Horizon 4 road trip

The "Glen Rannoch" landscape in the game is identical to what I found in real-life Glen Coe, so there's no question I still felt "in the game." Time was a little against me at this point, so I

How Ballad of Buster Scruggs pulled off its cutting-edge

The special effects guy on the set and the costume department glued on a small noose, so for most of the shots he actually has a rope attached to him but it's not really tied around the tree, it's

41 weird objects seen on Mars, explained

A wild jelly doughnut appears. It wasn't there and then it was. A jelly-doughnut-shaped object appeared rather suddenly in a set of before-and-after images from NASA's Opportunity rover on Mars.

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