manufacturing process of making decking

Samsung carves faster processors with new, sharper light

Lithography is a key part of the chip manufacturing process that uses light to project patterns of circuitry onto silicon wafers. But processors currently in development require features that are

Made in USA: 10 great products still made here

Every step of the Green Toys manufacturing process, from recycling to manufacturing, takes place in California. Green Toys actually welcomes the Golden State's strict safety and environmental laws

How IBM Watson is revolutionizing 10 industries

IBM Industry 4.0 uses Watson AI and IoT in a threefold method to make the manufacturing process easier and safer. According to the IBM Watson site, by adding IoT sensors to manufacturing equipment

NASA teams with engineering, 3D printing companies for

Part integrity and repeatability are essential and must pass NASA's demanding testing and validation process," Scott Sevcik, vice president of manufacturing at Stratasys, said in the release.

Porsche lifts curtain on Taycan production preparation

Electric Cars Porsche lifts curtain on Taycan production preparation. The German sports car maker will use a new manufacturing process to make its first EV a reality.

Road to Indy: The life of a Goodyear racing tire pictures

Goodyear makes more than 100,000 racing tires a year for Nascar. CNET Road Trip 2013 reports on the entire lifecycle, from manufacturing in Akron, Ohio, to hitting nearly 200 miles an hour at the

3D metal printing cheat sheet: Printers, print methods

Directed energy deposition DED is a process by which metal powder is placed on a build surface by a specialized nozzle, and melted in place by a laser or electron beam mounted to the nozzle.

The making of a Ben and Jerry's pint photos

The production room. A view of the production room at the Ben and Jerry's factory. On the left side of the room is where the base ingredients are mixed.

Minimize rework as a part of your quality management process

The nature of rework is that it is caused by problems in your quality management process. Rework is needed to bring a deliverable up to the level of quality it should have been at to begin with

How the Bugatti Chiron is made

Bugatti calls the process of joining the monocoque front end and the powertrain a "marriage". The sections are held together by 14 titanium bolts, chosen to reduce weight -- they weigh only 34g each.

Aquaman: 26 Things We Learned About DC's New Movie From

During the post production process, Wan--most famous for horror movies like The Conjuring, Saw, and Insidious--worked hard to make Aquaman the best movie he possibly could, as puzzle pieces like

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Challenges of making the sweet

The creators of Ralph Breaks the Internet faced a gigantic challenge when production on the animated film began more than three years ago: how do you take the enormous yet transient nature of the

Here's how -- and where -- U.S. manufacturing is coming

Better days may well lie ahead for U.S. manufacturing, but the recovery wont come easy or without bumps, nor will it usher in a return to the days of near-full employment for unskilled workers.

Building the U.S. Army's M1A2 Abrams tank pictures

Once the main production process is finished, the tanks are moved into a separate building, known as "Test and Accept." Here, they are put through a 1,200 item inspection process by General

How Hershey leveraged IoT and ML to regulate production at

Hershey used Microsoft Azure to utilize algorithms to improve the manufacturing process. "We were able to utilize the precooked algorithms inside of Azure to wire up all of the machine learning.

iPhone XS' industry-first A12 chip gives Apple big

Apple sees the 7nm process and the features it permits as a major advantage. "The A12 Bionic is the industry's first 7nm chip. That's a huge breakthrough," Schiller said at the iPhone XS launch event.

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