decking square meter price in uk

Inside the French submarine Espadon and base Saint-Nazaire

The roof is 26 feet 8 meters tall with four layers of reinforced concrete, granite, more concrete, and steel. They wanted it impenetrable to aircraft, and given the shape it's still in, after 13

How you change an Airbus A380 engine

The fuselage is 238 feet 72 meters long and 23 feet 7 meters wide and the total wing area is 9,100 square feet 845 square meters . Published: June 30, 2016 Caption: Kent German Photo: Andrew

Going off-grid: How remote towns are taking back the power

The continent has the highest solar radiation per square meter in the world, according to Geoscience Australia. Despite its sunny disposition, the country is 15th on the World Bank's ranking for

Zillow peeks inside Santa Claus' impressive North Pole

According to the Zillow listing, Santa's house was originally built in the 1800s, but the 2,500 square-foot 232 square-meter home underwent a remodel in 2013. More holiday fun Every Christmas

Universal Unit Converter Calculator for Android

Convert millimeter to centimeter to meter all the way up to yard, foot, inches, and nautical miles. Need proper measurement for your cooking recipe? Check how much kilograms, ounces, grams, pounds

Make this UK 'Star Trek: Voyager' flat your home for £

The 34-square-meter studio flat that's 366 square feet was put up for sale May 12 on Rightmove, a UK property site, for £70,000 about $110,500, AU$136,500 .

Inside the 147-year-old clipper ship Cutty Sark

The deck was wet, and the last time I In full kit, the Sark had 36,000 square feet 3,345 square meters of sails. At various times in its life, it had far less so fewer crew were required

This is the one thing every smart home needs

If you have a home between 1,500 and 3,000 square feet 139 and 279 square meters , Google suggests at least two Google Wifi $101 at Amazon points. That alone will set you back $238 £179 or AU

Stunning shots from space pictures

The citadel of Aleppo. For the past few years, DigitalGlobe has asked the public to vote on its favorite image captured by the company's constellation of five satellites.

Samsung Galaxy Watch review: A worthy Apple Watch

Waterproof to 50 meters or 5 ATM atmospheres : That's the same as the Gear Sport, but a welcome improvement over the Gear S3's IP68 rating, which was merely "dunk-proof." The new Galaxy Watch is

Philips Hues newest smart lights step outside but are

The strips come at a two meter version for $90, and a 5 meter version for 160. If you need them to be any shorter or longer than either of those two lengths, you're out of luck. Also new, outdoor

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