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Two Worlds II Walkthrough for PC by Keith I

2Return to Reesa's roof top house. Tell her "I don't understand" she's Turs Daram's Daughter Then say "Tonge. I can't let you do this alone." Teleport to Hatmandor, turn right and go around back, where you were locked in a cage, to the map blue pin "Transaction" marker. Upstairs, the door is now unlocked. Speak with Tongue. Just west of the Hatmandor teleport, on other side of wall enter the

Tomb Raider 2 for 1 Value Pack

Crossbow- Obtainable to my knowledge only when you get to the Coastal Ruins level in the amusement house. This weapon is a great weapon to have with use of the laser sight attachement. When you need to hit enemies or objects from a distance or even when close up it works great. There is 3 types of Ammo with this weapon as well. The Normal ammo is great for really any situation or enemy that

Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition Walkthrough for PC by

Roof and Tower V. Last Words ===== I. REVISION HISTORY ===== 7/12/2015 v1.0 - FAQ started - Added Introduction - Added Prologue - Added locations 1-238 - Added last words NOTE: My revision history starts at version 1.0 and each change will be noted as a .1 addition, so the 3rd revision if it ever gets to that will be version 1.3 ===== II. INTRODUCTION ===== I haven't made a FAQ in quite a

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories FAQ/Walkthrough for

She tells you about Marty's plans, and you have to head down the trailer park to thwart them, pronto I took the Regina and stopped by the Police Station first, to transfer to a VCPD Cruiser. If it's locked, just look for something sturdy that can handle the twisty roads of Vice City's Inner Caribbean. Catch up to the truck. It'll be hard to do on the inner streets of Little Havana and Haiti

Battlefield 1942 FAQ/Strategy Guide for PC by Matthias99

The P-51 is a sleek, grey fighter with a red nose, while the F4U has a distinctive gull-wing design the wings bend down and then back up at about the halfway point . Both can take a good amount of damage, and are fairly maneuverable. UK: Spitfire Mk VB. A camo-painted fighter with oval wings and a sleek design. Very maneuverable, but can't take as much damage as some of the others. Russia

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Book Guide for Xbox 360 by

The House Dres has publicly denounced the work, and indeed, no one named Dhaunayne, despite the suggestions in the letter, has ever been linked to the house. We leave the reader to interpret the letter as he or she believes. Nerris Gan, Publisher Dark Liege Dhaunayne, You asked for a detailed description of my experience last night and the reasons for my plea to House Dres for another

Borderlands FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by DomZ

Just around the bend you'll be able to spot a bandit lookout post, so use a Sniper Rifle to shoot the two enemies off the perch. Wipe out the other bandits near the building and loot the Skag piles and dumpsters. Up ahead is another miniature camp site. Aside from your standard bandits and Psychos, the camp is home to a Badass Raider. This guy has increased health and heavy armor, forcing you

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Game Script

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions - Game Script c RevenantThings Kyle Johnston Table of Contents I. Updates II. Prologue III.

Fallout 4 FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox One by SENIORBILL

Fallout 4 Walkthrough Continued O Pickman's Gallery/Pickman's Gift. Chapter 23: Optional Mission acquisition of Pickman's Blade Pickman's Gallery is northwest of the Old North Church and the north side entry is well defended by raiders, including three near the entrance.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

On the roof of the house behind this tree is a sniper just right of the tree . Quickly shoot him before he can shoot you. Then look south across the street. You'll see a stairway going up between two houses. Cross the street and head up those stairs. Enter the bedroom through the doorway, but stay crouched There is a canteen on the desk with a mirror in the room, and two windows, to the left

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By ShootingNova January 12, 2015 58 He ignites his lightsaber before several deck gunners can shoot, and a moment later, he kills them all: The deck gunners on the barge were lining up this

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Potentate had not planned to take credit for Prince Juilek's design, but on the Emperor's reference to his people's fiasco of an invasion two hundred and sixteen years ago, he made up his mind. He smiled modestly and soaked up the praise. 21 Mid Year, 2920 Ald Marak, Morrowind Savirien-Chorak slithered to the wall and watched through the arrow slit the Morrowind army retreating back to the

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Design your own fabulous outfits using the Design Studio feature. Train and accessories your very own adorable pet. Play with your friends including Andrew Fletcher through the DS Wi-Fi feature. Unlock pictures and movie clips from the Bratz Movie. THQ

DRIV3R FAQ/Walkthrough for GameCube by jimfish

At the crossroads, turn right and down to the coastal road. When you hit the T-Junction, turn off left. Follow this road for a while. Now, one the left hand side of you, after a long drive that is, will be a building with a large, ramp-like roof. You can drive up it and take out Timmy from above, but it's easy to find him from the ground. Simply pass the ramp and on the left will be a narrow

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory FAQ/Walkthrough

2: ROOFTOPS: To access the roof, use the small door in the fountain plaza. This will lead to the walkway along the building's length -- be careful, there's a camera here Hop onto the ladder and climb up; Grim will radio in a tidbit: the magnetic dome windows will unlock once the power's cut. Break into the maintenance bunker nearby and cut the power; this lowers a rope into the transaction

Icewind Dale Item List for PC by DSimpson

The halflings of Luiren were quickly enslaved, and several of the coastal cities of Durpar were captured or razed. Estagund fell to his rule, and eventually Reinhar turned his attention to Halruaa. An army of 40,000 horsemen and a fleet of 50 ships mounted a coordinated attack, and even though Reinhar was able to get beyond the Walls of Halruaa and occupy the cities of Mithel, Galdel, and

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Kill all the men in the houses visible from this house, as you have great cover inside a house. Afterwards, explore the three houses closest to that house. Clear them out, and at the house north of your safehouse is a great lookout point. There will be a man in there, kill him. Then, look out north and kill the men by the MG42 mounted nest. After that, clear out all of the houses in that area

Alundra FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by HLaPierre

All the townsfolk in the house run outside, while the others gather around Kline's house. Kline, as a werewolf, leaps from his house and jumps up onto the roof. While on the roof, Kline threatens you, then leaps down and attacks you. You must now battle Kline as the demon werewolf. After inflicting a certain amount of damage on Kline, Meia screams, and Kline falls to the ground and dies. As

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