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Wood siding is a type of exterior finish material that adds an authentic quality to new home construction and is easy to install. Siding is available in wood, aluminum, clapboard and synthetic or composite materials.

How to Install Lap Siding

Expert advice on how to install wood or fiber-cement lap siding, including how to prepare exterior walls and lay out siding for installation. Also called horizontal siding or clapboard, lap siding, may be made of wood, fiber-cement, plywood, hardboard, or similar materials.

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There are several types of siding available including vinyl, engineered wood, wood, aluminum and James Hardie siding. The type of siding you choose will affect your home's aesthetic appeal and will also determine how much you end up paying for your installation.

How to Hang Clapboard Siding This Old House

Since colonial times, Americans have protected their houses from the weather with thin, overlapping wood planks known as clapboards. The siding, which got its name from the Dutch work klappen, "to split," was originally hand-split from logs of white pine, hemlock, spruce, or cypress.

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The siding can often last the lifetime of the home, and manufacturers tend to offer long warranties because of this. Disadvantages of Engineered Wood Siding . Although engineered wood siding is lightweight and therefore easy to install, installation should still be left to a professional.

Cost to Install Wood Siding

To install wood siding on a 12'x16' addition, it would cost $7-$10 per square foot of cedar horizontal lap siding. Wood siding can be installed on your own, but larger projects almost always require a contractor.

Western Red Cedar Siding General Installation

When butt jointing siding, cut ends at 45 degree angles to form an overlapping joint. This is particularly important for vertical installation. Ensure joints meet on studs, blocking or furring strips with the nail penetrating solid wood at least 1-1/4 inches.

Wood Siding Installation Instructions Wood Paneling

Wood Siding Installation Instructions featuring log siding, paneling, trim, corners, and more NOTE: The individual videos for the Log Siding , Paneling , Corners , and D-trim applications are available on their designated pages.

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Read the full How-To: buildipedia.com/at-home/outdoo Installing engineered wood siding is becoming a popular choice for residential cladding due to its life

Wood Siding Installation

Shiplap Siding Installation Easy to follow installation instructions for wood siding products from Advantage Trim and Lumber. Our Exotic cheap wood Shiplap Siding compliments natural building materials such as stone, brink and concrete.

Cost to Install Wood Siding

For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 120 square feet, the cost to Install Wood Siding starts at $6.04 - $9.86 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, size options.

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Wood Siding vs. Vinyl and Hardie Board Wood looks great, is easy to install, and can be very cost efficient. However, technological improvements in production have made both vinyl siding and fiber cement Hardie siding popular and economical options. Wood may be easier to install, but it requires more upkeep than both vinyl and fiber cement.

Engineered Wood Siding: Installation Cost, Pros and Cons

Engineered Wood Siding: Installation Cost, Pros and Cons, What is it? Article reviewed by Thomas Jepsen, MSc Thomas Jepsen, MSc Thomas Jepsen is a Danish Economist with a Master's Degree from Copenhagen Business School.

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