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Adventure On Your Next Vacation?

Marine wildlife viewing onboard is at its best as the second and third decks of the boat are high above the water, enabling passengers to look down upon the whales, dolphins, mantas and whale

Playstation 3 Games from A-Z by Title at Metacritic, letter A

The Colonial Marine's story is an incredible fight against all odds from horrors lurking in the dark. Surrounded on all sides yet armed to the teeth, the Colonial Marine represents humanity's last stand with the firepower to fight back. As the Alien, players discover what it's like to be the scariest, most murderous creature in the universe, with the ability to traverse any surface at

Shadow Warriors

Beginning in Bahrain, they sailed around the Peninsula of Qatar, and shadowed the ship as it moved along the Persian Gulf Coast. Ship logs show the Americans practiced their takedown tactics, and

Is the Pentagon out to stifle the Arab Spring?

As state security forces across the region cracked down on democratic dissent, the Pentagon also repeatedly dispatched American troops on training missions to allied militaries there.

Atlatl Software

RDI Railing Designer allows anyone to design custom deck and porch railing. Use the RDI camera to take a photo of your house and configure your Use the RDI camera to take a photo of your house

Rage: Campn Edition FAQ/Walkthrough for Macintosh by

A couple of them will be on the upper deck and one will retreat into the side passage. Snipe them from the flaming wreckage and then ransack the room. Move through the circular doorway with the flashing red lights. Turn right and go up the ramp. Three Bandits defend the area. Use the head of the ramp to ambush them and move into the room to finish the job, using the available cover. Start

Lewmar Fitment Calculator for iOS

Use the new product selector to configure your next equipment upgrade. Whether it be thrusters, windlass or steering, our step by step fitment calculator will

Making sense of the "Arab Spring"

So it is not clear that the Arab Spring is going to accomplish anything except a shuffling of the face cards in the official deck in a few countries, or, at worst, radicalization of some countries.

Black-ops in all four corners of the globe

After a U.S. Navy SEAL put a bullet in Osama bin Ladens chest and another in his head, one of the most secretive black-ops units in the American military suddenly found its mission in the

Best Movies of All Time

Laced with dark wit, honest inquisition and episodes that are at once surreal and poignant, tragic and absurd, Jarhead is the film adaptation of Marine Anthony Swofford's bracing memoir that took readers into his disorienting firsthand experience in the Gulf War. Universal

Obama against the world

From Tunisia and Egypt to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Syria, vast hordes of people would take to the streets, nonviolently at first, to protest the corruption and depredations of the 1% in their

Iran releases 10 U.S. sailors captured in Persian Gulf

The sailors were part of Riverine Squadron 1 based in San Diego and were deployed to the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet in Bahrain. When the U.S. lost contact with the boats, ships attached to the USS

Time Warner shares jump again on talk of merger with AT and T

Shares of Time Warner TWX on Friday surged for a second consecutive session after being halted on the New York Stock Exchange amid media reports that the media company is in talks to be acquired


Rocky, is the story of a small town aging Philadelphia boxer who gets a shot at the heavyweight championship of the world. Rocky, also nick named "The Italian Stallion" is presented with the

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