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Ash Flooring

Wide plank Ash flooring has pale sapwood and tan to rich brown heartwood. As with all of our wide plank floors, these planks are large and wide. Floors, baseball bats, canoe paddles, and tool handles are among the historic uses for White Ash.

Wide Plank Ash Flooring Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

Beautiful grain and just the right amount of character as well as color variations. From creamy white and light gray-brown in the sapwood to deep browns at the heart, and a grain that is commonly confused with oak.

Cayman Ash 6 in. x 36 in. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring 24

Use this TrafficMASTER Allure Cayman Ash Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring to add warm and comfortable style of real wood to your interior living space. Durable vinyl flooring is perfect as bathroom flooring, kitchen flooring, and basement flooring. The Floorworks collections authentically emulate Natures patterns and colors with a wide variety

Classic Wide Plank Ash Flooring Bingham Lumber

Classic Ash Classic Wide Plank Flooring. With its lively swirling grains and varying sap and heart content, Classic Ash flooring is a timeless choice. Due to its density and beauty, it has been used for many years in the creation of baseball bats, as well as millwork and furniture.

Ash Wide Plank Flooring

Vermont Plank Flooring offers ash in two grades, select and character. Select provides greater uniformity of color and consistency of grain pattern, while character highlights ashs potential color variations and allows for knots and more diverse grain expression.

Ash Wide Plank Floors

This Mission-inspired interior features our wide plank Ash wood flooring, Select grade, finished with Vermont Natural Coatings' polywhey product, satin sheen. Floor 709, Acadia, New Hampshire. Strong and durable, Ash wide plank floors are ideal for high traffic rooms.


Ash. Description. Light sapwood with grey to brown heartwood. Suitable for anything from a Danish modern setting to an English cottage. Open grain yields even more dramatic effect when stained. Similar properties to the Oaks. 2009-2019 Vermont Hardwoods - d/b/a The Flooring Mill

Ash Molasses Wide Plank Flooring Wide Plank Floor Supply

This species is excellent for those concerned with durability and foot traffic. Since ash is the most common wood found in MLB-regulation baseball bats, it can withstand a 99 mile-per-hour fastball With a 9% durability increase over northern red oak, ash wide plank flooring is a reliable investment. Request a Quote

4 Inch Ash Wood Floors Unfinished Solid cheap wood Flooring

Our 4" Wide Unfinished Solid Ash Floors are available in several variations and as always we offer wholesale prices on wood floors. This is 3/4" thick solid cheap wood flooring, and this page shows our selection of 4" wide Ash plank flooring.

Wide Plank Ash Flooring Wide Plank Floor Supply

Wide plank ash flooring is a durable material with a soft appearance. This wood is resistant to foot traffic and humidity, making it a resilient choice. Request a Quote

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