dock bench legs


Infinity TSS-800 Infinity's TSS-800 satellite speakers produce a highly transparent sound, but the subwoofer's muddied bass is the system's Achilles' heel.

12 crazy coffee tables to enliven your living room

'Inception' as a coffee table. Most coffee tables consist of four legs and a flat top. Kick that furniture stereotype out the door with these oddball coffee tables that integrate Star Wars ships

Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough Learn every strategy as you commit grand theft stagecoach all through Red Dead Redemption.

Take a tour of the bewitching Harry Potter hotel pictures

Find out how wizards and witches relax in our tour of the Wizard Chambers inside London's Georgian House Hotel. You may not be Harry Potter, but you can still vacation like him.

Monitor, Stage, and Portable

Monitor, Stage, and Portable Speaker reviews, ratings, and prices at CNET. Find the Monitor, Stage, and Portable Speaker that is right for you.

Speaker Reviews

Speaker reviews, ratings, and prices at CNET. Find the Speaker that is right for you. - Page 14 . CNET. Best Products is an attractive little iPhone 5 speaker dock that sounds good for its

This designer Samsung TV looks like a painting

Legs to stand on If you decide not to wall-mount The Frame for some reason, you'll use the included legs to set it on a table or other furniture. Published: March 22, 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review: The best Surface yet is

That's especially useful for tilting the screen way back, as an artist using a drafting table might, but as the owner of normal-size legs for a 6-foot-tall man, I still had a hard time getting the

Photos: The robot designs of iRobot

The ruggedized portable computer system on the table is the PackBot control unit. The PackBot is driven by an ordinary video game controller. The PackBot is driven by an ordinary video game

Portable Wired

Sony RDP-X50iPBLK Speaker Dock for iPod and iPhone The Sony RDP-X50iP is a powerful iPod/iPhone speaker with a classic design that surprises with its deep low-end sound, but we suggest springing for

News, Tips, and Advice for Technology Professionals

And even better, these add-ons won't set you back an arm or a leg. The two add-ons I'm talking about are the Standard Dock and the Motorola Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard .

Samsung Galaxy Tab review: Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Good Samsung's 7-inch Android tablet is a serious contender to the Apple iPad, boasting two cameras, Flash compatibility, and a more convenient size. The Bad The Tab behaves more like a

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