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Storm Rips Holes In Superdome Roof

Pelting rain and howling wind from Hurricane Katrina peeled holes in the roof of the Superdome on Monday morning as thousands of New Orleans' evacuees huddled inside seeking shelter.

Top waterproof iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S cases

Updated June 25, 2013, with three new cases Ballistic, Cascade Designs, and Lifeproof . Waterproof smartphone cases used to be bulky, ungainly contraptions, but they've been trimming down lately.

World Building of the Year

A sloped roof facilitates collecting rainwater used in irrigation and daily activities. The design was inspired by the courtyards of traditional homes typical of Hoi An.

Free House Roof

house roof free download - House Roof Contruction Design, Modern House Roof Construction, Tra Chang Roof Design, and many more programs

Roof Sketchup Design for Android

Moreover, every home requires a good roof because the roof of the house you can take shelter and the house will not be complete if there is no roof building. The absence of the roof of the house

New Kindle Paperwhite arrives on Nov. 7 for $130 with

The Good 10 percent slimmer, lighter and more durable with full waterproofing. Text is slightly sharper and better lit. Base storage is bumped from 4GB to 8GB. Bluetooth audio is on board for

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite upgraded with slimmer design

Amazon hasn't managed to integrate Alexa voice control into a Kindle yet, but with the slightly trimmer design, full waterproofing, Bluetooth and increased memory this is a pretty satisfying upgrade.

Is it possible to build a rain proof roof?

As the title states. It might be silly to think this but I want to build a house or base that actually keeps thw rain out. I know it probably has no effect on gameplay but it's an immersion thing for me.

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