composite floor diaphragm strength

Exercise To Ease Pain

Holding chair for balance, lift right heel behind you until calf is parallel to floor. Pause, then lower. Pause, then lower. Do 12 reps, then do 12 with other leg.

Electrostatic speakers: A very different way to make sound

The floor-standing ElectroMotion ESL speaker is one of the most affordable full-size electrostatic designs ever offered by the company. Voice-matched center and surround speakers will also be

JBL's creepy new speakers

If Spider-Man were a speaker, he might well take the form of this new model from JBL. The "Control Now" line features curved units that look kind of like large macaroni noodles or giant leeches

Duke and Kentucky dominate our look at the most talented

A common talking point you'll hear about -- starting now -- and as we head closer to the start of the 2016-17 college basketball season: Freshmen are really, really good again. We always have a

2019 Chevy Silverado first drive review: Brute suit riot

The entire truck's makeup is an impressively optimized mosaic of varying grades of high-strength steels and aluminum. Chevy's engineers have scalpeled away 88 pounds from the bodywork and a

Going on tour at Bowers and Wilkins pictures

Composites Though the majority of the speakers are made from wood, the distinctive teardrop midrange enclosure on the 800 Series Diamond is a dense composite material that is incredibly heavy.

Breaking down how the top committed players fit at the

The basketball recruiting world is about to heat up in a major way. After three strht weeks of coaches heading on the road to watch prospects across the country, targets have changed and

Composite Superman Character

He was known as Composite-Superman. Using Chameleon Boy's shape shifting abilities, Joe had changed half his body to look like Batman while the other half looked to look like Superman.

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