plastic wood porch greenery

What is and isn't on Trump's latest China tariffs list

seeds for sowing including vegetables as well as plants like mint several kinds of dried beans chemicals, plastics, leather and related goods, wood and wood products, paper,

Keys To A Fruitful Garden

Preparing the garden before planting is the key to a successful and fruitful vegetable season. To grow healthy vegetable plants you need healthy soil.

How to water your plants while youre away

Get a clear plastic bag big enough to cover your plant and its pot. Add stakes to the pot to prevent the bag from clinging to the plants. Some say that the bag should absolutely not touch the

Firefighters spray water from high-rises to fight air

New Delhi recorded one of year's highest pollution levels on Sunday, which comes mostly from diesel cars, coal-fired power plants, and crop burning

10 essential gardening tools and what they do

If you're working in a small area and don't want to damage existing plants, you probably won't want to break out the large rake for a small job. For this, you'd use a hand rake. For this, you'd

How to grow vegetables without a backyard

Plants that spread, like stberries, beans and cucumbers. Small fruit trees, including apple, lemon or even avocado. With the right amount of space, you can grow fruit trees in a container garden.

Repairing Sash Locks on Vinyl Windows/Finishing Furniture

Watch Ask This Old House - Season 8, Episode 19 - Repairing Sash Locks on Vinyl Windows/Finishing Furniture/Protecting Outdoor Plants from Winter Damage: Tom Silva helps a homeowner replace the

Vacation Gardening Tips

The key to maintaining healthy plants while you're away is to make sure they have plenty of water. Houseplants should be repotted in containers that retain water. Terra cotta, wood and cement all

How to grow a mini herb garden and save money

This way, they can be placed in convenient locations, like on your porch, deck or kitchen counter. The material of your container can vary. Clay, wood, fabric and metal are all options.

The strangest Amazon Prime Day deals ever

If you've been on the lookout for a resin statue of a yeti to complete your outdoor space, we have some bad news: Prime Day 2017 may have been your best chance to score one at a discount.

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