attractive industrial pvc floor covering

ELAC Debut F5 floorstanding speakers deliver phenomenal

ELAC Debut F5 floorstanding speakers deliver phenomenal performance. October 18, 2015 . Transcript. If you're looking to buy speakers to use in a home theater, it makes sense to buy a set of floor

NASA selects landing site for Mars 2020 rover

Bill Harwood has been covering the U.S. space program full-time since 1984, first as Cape Canaveral bureau chief for United Press International and now as a consultant for CBS News.

The evolution of tablet design

There is a myriad of combinations: plastic, textured, smooth, and grippy like a stress ball; aluminum, smooth, matte, and slippery as a wet seal, but tactile comfort is a subdued yet critical

Motorola Brute i680 Sprint review: Motorola Brute i680

Sure, the black and gray color scheme screams industrial, but this a device built for bn over beauty. The external display is a bit bigger than a postage stamp, but it supports 65,000 colors

60 Minutes Presents: Mob Stories

The following is a script from "60 Minutes Presents: Mob Stories" which aired on Dec. 27, 2015. Good evening. I'm Steve Kroft. Tonight, tales of murder, mayhem and the Mafia: 60 Minutes Presents

Tech Stocks Pump Up The Dow

U.S. stocks made a strong showing Monday, propelled by gains in benchmark technology and Internet-related issues. The Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 54.33 points, or 0.6 percent, to 9,070.47.

Mikes colleagues share stories and snapshots

Mike's colleagues share stories and snapshots Mike could achieve almost instant rapport with interviewees Barry Lando was a 60 Minutes producer for 26 years, most of that time with Mike Wallace.

The August solar eclipse: There's an app for that

The result is a much more attractive rendering, at least to this user. It's not necessary for planning purposes, but it's a huge help when it comes to visualizing the eclipse.

Lawmaker Pushes For Ban Of Toughman Bouts

The crowd-pleasing fights went on, but it would be several hours before Duncan fully awakened in a University Hospital bed. His concussion was the latest injury for a boxing attraction in which 11

All Eyes On Wall Street

The Dow Jones industrial average recorded its second-biggest point gain ever Tuesday, a surge of 288 following Monday's 512-point rout. It was the heaviest trading day in New York Stock Exchange

The future of TV, virtual reality on display at CES 2016

If CES 2016 is anything to go by, the future of how we enjoy home entertainment is here. From the new wave of High Dynamic Range HDR televisions to the arrival of virtual reality, the floor of

The least expensive Mercedes is among the most versatile

We cover it all, click your Cargo schleppers can choose from basics like full-height plastic interior panels to protect their goods, as well as a windowed divider wall between the front seats

Zero Latency: The VR revolution begins in Melbourne

The Zero Latency warehouse floor. Bennet Ring/CNET The team first built working prototypes of the technology mounted inside primitive plywood cases, but they were functional nonetheless.

Jennifer Garner on the farm, and away from paparazzi

The daughter of a chemical engineer and a teacher, Garner's love of performing began on the dance floor. "My mom just put us in dance," she said. "And I wasn't as talented naturally as either of

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