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The Deck Jig's specialized self tapping screws are driven at a precise angle into the edge of your deck boards so they stay hidden from view. Whereas seasonal changes might force traditional fasteners out of place with time, Kreg screws stay protected safely below the surface.

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This jig clamps onto the decking, freeing up both hands to load the jig (both sides if desired) and run the screws in. The screws self-release from the driver at the correct depth. The jig has a built-in stop which spaces the decking 3/16" from the previous board.

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Kreg Hidden Fastener Deck Jig from Woodcraft By: Allen Lyle. When installing a deck, hidden fasteners are the way to go, but they’re often only available for composite decking. Now, thanks to the Kreg Deck Jig, available from Woodcraft, unsightly screw or nail holes in a wood deck are a thing of the past.

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Joining - Kreg Jig, Kreg jig Screws, Kreg Jig Plugs, Kreg Jig Accessories, Deck Jig and Accessories, Pocket Hole Machinery. Clamping - Face Clamps, Bench Klamps, Automaxx Bar Clamps, Corner Clamps, Klamp Tables. Cr's Jig allowed him to attach the face frames from the cabinet's interior, where the joint could be hidden from view

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Drill holes into each edge of your deck board using the special step bit and the Deck Jig hardened-steel drill guides. Drive screws through the same drill guide and into the joist. Kreg Screws are driven at an angle into the edge of your deck boards so they stay hidden from view. By coupling the Kreg Deck Jig with composite decking, you

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