wooden caravan steps with handrail

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

Climb down the stairs inside, and make a sharp right at the base to find a wooden walkway you can drop to--although it'll collapse under your weight. After the collapse, drop down and sneak up on

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection FAQ/Walkthrough for

Take the steps and drop into the building when you are ready for a fight. Initiation ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ You're about to get swarmed by Goliaths, Marauders, and Psychos so quickly run up the steps to your right and get some cover. Again, you can unleash a Goliath's rage and let it clean up the foes unless you feel skilled enough to take everything out yourself. Let the Psychos be your Second

Psychonauts Figment Location Guide for PC by LMelaas

33: After 34, just before you slide down the rails to finish the level. 34: After 35 and flying around. 35: After 36 but flying around. 36: On the wooden platform the rope that 23 and 24 are on is connected to. 37: On the 1st wooden platform you swing to in that area with all the floating planes close to the end of the level. 38: On the small little patch of ground you can walk on after

Psychonauts Collectibles Guide for PC by Justinsl1986

2. Go up the stairs in the first hall, and then cross over the gap to the right. Smash the boards covering the door and you'll find this card in the corner. 3. On the second floor, cross the large gap in the floor using the pipes, and go into the elevator shaft to the left. The card is in there. 4. After jumping down the elevator shaft, grind the pipe to cross the gap. Jump on top of the mound

Homefront FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by redapocalypse04

Before you leave the house, look on the stairs for another Newspaper. Climb into the treehouse and you'll see a lot of Koreans on the other side. You'll also eventually be shot with a rocket. -Objective: Fight through the KPA patrol zone. You'll have to fight off a bunch of enemies near the wrecked plane. A lot of them come over the wing. There are a couple of soldiers on the other side of the

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion FAQ/Strategy

Sacrifices were conducted at the top of tall pyramids to be close to the sun and blood flowed down the steps. Although the Aztec economy was based primarily on corn or maize , the people believed that crops depended on the regular provision of sacrificial blood. The incessant demand for sacrificial victims meant that the Aztecs tolerated loose control over satellite cities because frequent

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough for

Instead go out and immediately left, jumping over the rails onto a big container thing. Drop down, cross a little bridge, and instead of taking nearby ladder up, go left and up the stairs. Then there's another set of stairs to your right. Go up those, and then follow the cat walk left. This will lead to a locked room where your second objective is. Go inside and hit the switch. Don't worry, it

Psychonauts FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by WithTheDawn

2 - On the side with the diner and the large, wooden, guillotine, next to the cork in the ground and down some stairs covering the yellow bag . 3 - Just to the left of the Carpenters house. 4 - Near the enemy stronghold, there is a small stair bridge. Find this one underneath it. 5 - Blocking the doorway of the barn to the left of the enemy moat. 6 - Blocking the upper doorway of the barn to

Fable II FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by DrFrob

Take the path across and go under the wooden railway; at the top of the stairs, behind the large crate, is a chest with a STANDARD HEALTH POTION and two DOG TREATS. At the end of the railway, past the wooden shack, get a SILVER KEY 16/51 . Inside the shack you can get a bit of RLLT. Follow the rails in the other direction, and to your left open the 15-key chest and get 5000 GOLD. Continue

Read User Reviews and Submit your own for Fallout 4 on PC

One step forward, but two steps backwards. The gunplay is the best yet. Apart from a few quirks and weird scaling issues, every weapon feels like it can be useful with some mods. Customization is fun, rewarding, and adds much needed depth.. If there is one thing Fallout 4 gets right, it is this. If the previous bit had been in check, this easily could have made me ignore the other flaws. I'm

The Legend of Zelda Zelda Series Character Guide for NES

When the trio finds themselves ambushed at the hands of Chancellor Cole and his lackey, Byrne, only minutes later, Alfonzo steps in to fend them off but is roundly defeated. He spends the next segment of the game in bed at the Castle, recovering from his injuries, but is well enough to travel by the time Link vanquishes the Forest Temple, and asks the young un to deliver him back to Aboda

Grand Theft Auto IV FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

The Detail Distance slider--1 to 100--lets you pick the distance at which details such as stairwell rails, window sills, and fire escapes are dn. The most GPU dependent is View Distance--it seems to be related to shader power. Vehicle Density This slider--1 to 100--lets you pick how much traffic is shown. A lower setting puts less traffic to contend with on the streets but also provides

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks FAQ/Walkthrough for DS

You step on the switch to unlock the door ahead, but the switch also activates the seeing statues. If you step into the invisible eyesight of any of the statues, you'll be sent back to the start. Before you step on the switch, walk round all of the statues, making notes on which way they point. Their eyesight only stretches to about one statue away. This map should help.

Metro: 2033 Redux FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

Checklist for Sherlock: 30 MGBs from the first cutscene 1 MGB at a table in the bar 1 MGB in the sink near the piano 1 MGB behind the cabinets near the armory 1 MGB in a stack of wooden boards 1 MGB beyond the rails in the train tunnel near the beggars 1 MGB past the four doors to the left of the kid with the helmet 1 MGB across the first bridge on a top bunk 1 MGB in the area

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue FAQ/Walkthrough for

Photos: 14 ----- When you first step out of the Fourbie, you'll see a wooden pedestal rising and falling just in front of a swampy section of ground. The purple things in the water are leeches; use your Kaboomarang or bite to take them out. Hop up onto it and equip your X-Rang. When it raises to its fullest height, jump strht up and use the spy-eggs to get across to the now-visible floating

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