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Faces of War FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Deuce ex Defcon

In Faces of War, though, if you want to use landmines or a repair kit, you'll need to open the second gray tab on the right side of a soldier's control panel, then click on the landmine icon it'll only be lit up if you have mines in your inventory . Select where you want the soldier to set the mines, and he'll set them all in a group near that spot. You'll have to stop him after each one if

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Walkthrough for PC by

When trading you will rarely get the full price for an item, so check the price you're getting before you sell. Different characters will only accept certain types of items, as a general rule of thumb the following applies: - Traders will buy artefacts, weapons, ammo and medicines - Medics will buy/sell medical supplies - Other stalkers tend to buy/sell food and medicines Traders will have

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope

to another floor that looks a lot like the floor you were just on. So, move forward, use the Thunder Ring on the pipe, then enter the north door. To the east is a refresh point and another pipe for you to destroy. Go north around the ring from here, and open the chest on the east side of the wall to get Compact Poison Bomb x4 . Backtrack south a little bit and enter the west door. You'll be

2017 Honda Ridgeline Release Date, Price and Specs

Despite there being a panel cutline between the bed and cab, Honda assures me that the two parts are joined as one piece beneath the exterior panels. Joined from top to bottom via spot welds and

59. Harvest Moon DS FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by .

Items: floor price ----- Admit any 50g Oricalco any 50g Spring Sun: floors ending in 1 1g Summer Sun: floors ending in 2 1g Fall Sun: floors ending in 3 1g Winter Sun: floors ending in 4 1g Mythic Stone: div 10 <250 20000g Note: The mythic stones are much scarcer than the pink diamonds and alexandrite in the second mine. So, its better to go to the second mine if you want money. The mythic

Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor FAQ/Walkthrough

Go back to the boat and click the boat handle one more time and you'll be back on the original dock so just exit the way you entered. Go through the warp one more time and you're back to the main part of town. Walk strht along the south path and turn right when you are across from the training grounds. Walk right through the fire wall and you will arrive on the back side of the inn

Apple Thunderbolt Display review: Apple Thunderbolt

The panel is 2.25 inches in full depth and about 25.6 inches wide. The bezel, flush with the screen, is 1.1 inches wide on the right and left sides, and the distance from the bottom of the bezel

History Specials

The Pentagon's naval expert Dr. Randy Papadopolous, and German U-boat specialist Dr. Axel Niestle are on hand to study the underwater footage, identify the wrecks and help Ian piece together the

Harman/Kardon HS 300 review: Harman/Kardon HS 300

In 2006, we gave the Harman Kardon HS 100 HTIB home theater in a box a good review, but there was definitely room for improvement--especially considering that it originally sold for $900.

Avernum 5 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Matt P

Row your boat diagonally to get through the rocks to get them. You now come upon one of your first dilemmas in the game- whether or not to be geased by Gladwell. But first, you can investigate his stuff. Antrobus will trade with you, and has the best prices if you are geased. Sabina is in charge of the inn and will give you a healing potion periodically if geased. The last person of interest

Neverwinter Nights Platinum FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

----- >>> CONVERSATION PANEL <<< The Conversation panel is your primary tool for interacting with other characters in Neverwinter Nights. A portrait of the character you are speaking with is displayed in the top-left of the window, and this character's dialogue is displayed to the right of the portrait. Underneath the portrait are your character's response options. The first response shown has

Avernum 4 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Matt P

Ossious is a slith who drops a composite bow a step up from yew for those characters still with those bows . Head west and go down the stairs. Look around a bit. You'll find a room with a daze spell book to the west. Head up the north set of stairs and you'll find Bragg. He's a bit tough, as he has a few healing potions. Hit him hard in one round and you'll take him down. He summons a few

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